Installing Navigation Markers

How to install Navigation Markers on your pallet racking

Installing Navigation Markers on Racking for Ware

Markers sheet

This sheet is filled out after the Ware Navigation Markers are affixed to the columns of the rack(s) to be scanned. It expands the bay and tunnel count header by adding marker headers on either side of the bay counts. This allows a marker to be affixed to any rack column on either side of a bay or tunnel.


In general, no more than one Ware marker should be applied to a rack column, so there should only be as many rows as there are racks.


  • The header is already filled in for markers adjacent to 20 bays/tunnels. A set of marker headers: left#, right#, height are placed before and after each bay/tunnel count. Copy and paste additional headers to the right side of the sheet as needed.
  • Copy the Aisle, Side, Bay1# cells for every rack row from the BaySizing sheet
  • For each rack row, fill in the Ware marker identifiers and crosshair height off the floor under the left#, right#, height, only where markers are affixed
    • Follow the same order as the bay numbering: from the left-most rack column/upright for a left-sided rack, or from the right-most rack column/upright for a right-sided rack
    • Unused rack columns/uprights are left blank

Example Markers sheet (in 3 sections):