Integration with Facility Networking

Technical details for Internet access over the facility network

Nest NUCs:

Require facility networking to provide a hardwired Ethernet network connection per nest, allowing Internet access.

Core Networking Requirements

Resource Detail Purpose

Provisioned by the facility

Basic network access

Outward bound port access

TCP port 443

If needed, whitelist:




Connect to equipment VPN

Connect to Ware Cloud

Outward bound port access UDP port 123
If needed, whitelist:
NTP time synchronization
Outward bound port access UDP port 53
default configured  for Google Public DNS at, may be blocked by firewall if facility DHCP provides DNS servers
DNS name resolution


Do not require facility networking.

  • Each drone provides a private WPA WiFi connection used only by:
    • Smart phone/tablet running the Skydio application to control manual flights
    • Nest NUC to offload image and data files from the drone after flight
  • Drone static IP address:

Smart Phones/Tablets:

Facility provided Android or Apple iOS phones or tablets are required to load and run the Skydio app. One per in-service drone.

Phone/tablet WiFi is used to connect to and control the drone from the Skydio app.

Phone/tablet cellular or WiFi is used to connect to Skydio over the Internet, to download drone configurations or, as needed, upload drone logs for troubleshooting.