Troubleshooting Ware Integration

Help with troubleshooting a variety of Ware integration items, such as drone firmware updates and Ethernet connectivity

Connecting the NUC to Ethernet

Ware NUC's need to have internet access in order to speak remotely with Ware servers for configuration and data transfer to generate inventory reports.

Wired Ethernet is the only option for connecting the NUC to the internet. The NUC's WiFi chip is reserved for communicating with the drone.

If you're having trouble with getting the NUC connected to the internet, make sure of the following:

The Ethernet port that you connect to the NUC has an active Ethernet connection.

The lights on the NUC's Ethernet port should blink when there is an active connection.

If the Ethernet port that the NUC is connected to is behind a proxy or firewall, it may be impossible for Ware to remotely connect to the NUC. We recommend working with the IT department to assist with and verify connectivity.

Issues with updating the drone's firmware

Mobile device network connectivity can be finnicky and so can firmware updates. Sometimes, errors like the below can prevent the drone's firmware from being updated:

Skydio 2 app connect to WiFi

If you're experiencing issues with updating the drone's firmware due to an insufficient or flaky WiFi connection, try the following:

  1. Ensure that your mobile device is not connected to the drone's own WiFi network
  2. Manually connect your mobile device to the facility's strongest WiFi network
  3. Try updating the firmware again

If you are still experiencing issues, try going into your mobile device's WiFi settings and "Forgetting" the drone's own WiFi network. If you still have issues after all of the above, try rebooting your mobile device.